Los Bagels Christmas ornaments

Christmas is a festive and delicious time at Los Bagels.  Celebrating the birth of Jesus, and remembering his message of peace and humility our store gains a tree, lights and paintings on the windows. Images of the Virgin Mary appear in a variety of forms, many based on historical Mexican artsitic representations of Mary. 

We are known in the commuity for our special holiday breads, and our gourmet fruitcake.  We also offer, gift bags of all your favorite Los Bagels items...and unique Oaxcan Christmas tree ornaments.


Los Bagels Holiday breads are delicious

Lime Walnut - You know the holidays are near when a baker asks if anyone wants to zest some limes. It takes a lot of shredded lime peel to make enough Lime Walnut bread to get us through the holidays. This is a moist, nutty bread with a tangy lime glaze.

Rum Pumpkin - Perhaps our best-selling holiday bread, many customers have been known to buy a few extra loaves for their freezer so they can enjoy them long after the holidays are over! A moist pumpkin and spice bread with a sweet rum glaze.

Huckleberry - Local wild-harvested sweet huckleberries are the stars of this bread. Need we say more?

Cardamom Spice - Perhaps this bread was among the gifts the Wise Men brought the baby Jesus.  Exotic, rich and topped with a ginger glaze.

Fruitcake - Fruitcake has gotten a bad rap over the years as the gift that keeps on giving. Usually a fruitcake will last forever (due to all the weird ultra-preserved "fruit") and if you get one, you can save it 'til next year when you can pass it on to someone low on your gift list.   This is definitely not so with Los Bagels fruitcake. Ours is the best anywhere. We use dried papaya and pineapple, then add golden raisins, dates, almonds, walnuts, and pumpkinseeds, a quick soak in rum, and YUM. If you get one, you'll know you were at the top of someone's gift list!


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