Dia de los Muertos


The Day of the Dead is a traditional Mexican holiday with origins well before European explores came to the region.   Celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, it is a time to remember relatives and friends who have passed away.  We set up an “ofrenda” or altar in our 2 locations and community members drop off pictures of lost loved ones and share their memories.  Although this holiday has a somber theme, it actually has become a celebration of life. 

Dia de los Muertos Calacas

As with other aspects of the Day of the Dead festival, calacas are generally depicted as joyous rather than mournful figures. They are often shown wearing festive clothing, dancing, and playing musical instruments to indicate a happy afterlife. This draws on the Mexican belief that no dead soul likes to be thought of sadly, and that death should be a joyous occasion.  Dia de los Muertos has been a part of the Los Bagels culture since our inception. 


la proxima vida.

Bicycle calacas, dia de los muertos

We celebrate by offering handmade Dead Bread and clay “calacas” which are figures of a skull or skeleton (usually human) commonly used for decoration during the Day of the Dead festival. Tracing their origins from Aztec imagery, our calacas are made by Francisco Chacon and Maria Delores, who are 3rd generation calaca makers living in Xoxocotlan, Mexico.


Dia de Los Muertos calaca makers

Calaca makers Francisco Chacon and Maria Delores.

Dia de los Muertos Calacas Dia de los Muertos Calacas


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