Our Story

Los Bagels is a multi-cultural bakery and café founded in Humboldt County by Dennis Rael, Peter Jermyn and Paul Hebb in 1984. Co-owner, John Monahan joined the company as a partner in 1994. 

Los Bagels was created out of a serious lack of something essential to their lives - a damn good bagel.

Los Bagels combines a Jewish ethnic tradition with the customs and tastes of Mexico and is committed to bringing the best quality bagels to the community.

The company started with a single café in Arcata offering traditional bagels (boiled then baked) and has grown to include cafés in Old Town Eureka and on the Humboldt State University campus. Los Bagels products are offered in their cafes, local retail outlets and are shipped all over the world through our online catalog

Los Bagels Partners John, Paul, Dennis & Peter 2009 - 25th Aniversary
...Todos Amigos. 

Roy's Meats on his last day of business Nov, 28th 1983.  On March, 1st 1984 Los Bagels Bagel Bakery and Cafe would open in this location...and the world of bagels would never be the same!

Dennis, his mom Paula, and dad Isador on the day Los Bagels opened...where were you on March 1st 1984?

Dennis still has the touch to make the worlds best bagels. 

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