What is Multiculturalism?

For a great definition of Multiculturalism you only need to look at our staff.  Our dedicated bageleros come in all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds.  Their diversity is a core strength of our business.

Multicultural in the redwoods, Humboldt County

We all work together as a team, embracing and celebrating our different cultures, religions and points of view. With this lively bunch of employees, we have great conversations, learn from each other and can really throw a great party.  We all share the work load and treat one another with respect.

Multicultural in the redwoods, Humboldt County

How many languages are spoken at Los Bagels?  Obviously English, Spanish and French, surprisingly Russian, Gilbertese and Amharic.

From a recent HSU graduate studying Judeo-Christian art in Mexico, to an Arcata High School songsmith.  From an easy going surfer, to a high strung east coast refuge.  From a Sunday school teacher to a kick boxing instructor.

Our diverse staff is our most valuable resource and they are the back bone of our one of a kind multicultural cafe.

Multicultural in the redwoods, Humboldt County

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