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Jalapeno Bagels   Jalepeno Bagels by Natasha Wing

Hi!  My name is Pablo, and I'm the main character in a great book titled "Jalapeno Bagels."  I know many second grade students...and bagel fans of all ages read my story. 

I get letters, emails and phone calls throughout the year with questions about Los Bagels.  Here are some facts about the bagel shop.

  • We make about 4,500 bagels a day.
  • My favorite bagel is a “slug” with lox, Larrupin  mustard , Slug Slime and hot sauce.
  • Each year we get about 320,000 customers.
  • The first bagel we ever made was a Plain Bagel, over 30 years ago.
  • We estimate that we've made 29 million bagels since we opened!
  • We have about 45 employees.
  • Our bakers boil then bake the bagels fresh every night of the week.  They start work at about 10 PM...what are you doing at 10 PM?
  • We sell about 20 Chango Bars a day…they are really good!
  • Our most popular bagel is either a “slug” or a plain bagel…depending what you like.
  • Our bakery was started in 1984 by Dennis Rael, his family background is just like mine, except the opposite.  In the story, my father is of Jewish descent, and my mother is of Latino/ Mexican descent.  Dennis actually had a father named Isador, who was of Mexican decent. His mom Paula, was from a Jewish family.  Dennis grew up in a family with two cultures that blended together.  This is why he opened a Mexican Jewish bakery. 

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Here are some photos of Ms. Rivera's 2nd grade class in Santa Maria, CA. making jalapeno bagels.

Making Jalapeno Bagels 01

Measuring ingredients

Making jalapeno Bagels 02

Fresh Jalapeños

Making Jalapeno Bagels 03

Mixing the dough

Making Jalapeno Bagels 04

Shaping the bagels

Boiling Jalapeno Bagels

Boiling the bagels

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Do you have more questions? Email Pablo at Los Bagels or write us a letter.


1085 I Street, Suite 101

Arcata CA 95521

Hasta la proxima!

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