Bagel Chips

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History: At the end of the day, a few select bagels are set aside to become bagel chips. In the chip bucket, bagels that once knew each other only through the bars of their respective bins, meet and become friends – sesame and poppy seed bagels share their seeds and plain bagels hear tales from the jalapeño bin. On “chipping day,” they mingle in oil, are sprinkled with a top secret powder, go for a wild ride in the oven, and end up peaceful co-habitants of our retail shelves.

Uses: Munch them right from the bag; break into soup; use as croutons; dip into guacamole, hummus, Larrupin sauce or salsa; take them to the beach with a friend.

Description: Crispy, crunchy, oven baked & bursting with that wholesome bagel flavor. Who says you can eat just one!

Ingredients: Sliced bagels made with ORGANIC flour, canola oil, garlic powder, onion powder and salt.


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