Cinnamon Apple Bread

Los Bagels Cinnamon Apple Bread
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History: Our retired long-term baker, Steven Vander Meer (better known now as the Rubber Stamp Guy of Meer Image) made a batch of challah bread that went awry. Instead of tossing it out, Steve used his artistic talents to create one of our best-selling breads. He added nuts, raisins and chopped green apples to the dough, after baking brushed the top with sweet apricot-pineapple jam...and voila! A definite taste of heaven!

Uses: Makes the most decadant french toast ever! Take a slab on your next hike or toast with butter and a cup of tea. Place a warmed up slice on a plate, top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream & drizzle with raspberry or caramel sauce.

Description: Light but hearty, sweet but not too sweet, bursting with the flavor of cinnamon, nuts and fresh apples.

Ingredients: Bread flour, apples, sugar, oil, brown sugar, walnuts, raisins, eggs, water, cinnamon, salt and yeast


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