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Los Bagels Corn Rye
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History: Owner Dennis Rael, after awakening from a dream of eating PB & J on toasted corn rye bread as a child, went in search of this moist, hearty rye bread he so fondly remembered. To his amazement, corn rye was no where to be found. Now Los Bagels bakes this traditional East Coast bread, also known as New York or Jewish Rye. Mmm…sweet dreams!

Uses: Toasted with butter & jam in the morning, on the side with soup, great for a Rueben, open face with melted Swiss cheese & proscuitto... Round loaves – remove center & fill with a dip (hot or cold).

Description: Dark, moist, hearty rye with a good crust. Made with 15 year old starter, corn rye does not have cornmeal in it (much to Dennis’ amazement!), but only on the bottom. We offer it in long or round loaves - and baguettes by special order.

Ingredients: Rye starter, Yeast, Salt, Sugar, High gluten flour, Rye flour, Caraway seeds, Coarse cornmeal for bottom


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