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History: Challah can be traced back to the biblical time of Moses when Jews broke a small portion of dough, “wallah,” from their traditional Sabbath bread to give as a weekly offering to their priests. Jews still separate a small portion of dough, which they bless and burn. This small piece of dough is now called “challah,” which means offering, and the bread made from the remaining dough is also now known as challah. With the blessing and eating of the challah, the Sabbath feast begins. Raisin challah isn't so traditional, but it sure tastes good!

Uses: Great for a PB & J; pull it off the loaf and eat it plain; make some killer French toast.

Description: Rich and moist with a slight yellow color due to the egg yolks added to the dough. A beautiful braided loaf

Ingredients: Flour, water, eggs, oil, sugar, salt, yeast, raisins


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