Heart of Darkness

Los Bagels Heart of Darkness Coffee
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History: Humans have been drinking coffee for ages and a UC Davis study indicates that there are more benefits to drinking coffee than the morning jolt. There may be as many anti-oxidants in a cup of coffee as there are in three oranges, but because the compounds are so light, they can evaporate after 20 minutes. So drink your coffee while it’s hot. We chose our exceptional coffee, “Heart of Darkness,” in a blind taste test of coffees from all over the West Coast. Premium Organic Fair Trade African beans make this full bodied, extra dark French roast earthy & complex. It’s a special blend created by Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Co., and they ship it to us fresh each week.

Uses: Duh! To wake up and smell, of course; For sitting down and chatting with a friend; To drink with any Los Bagels baked good, especially danishes and rugalah.

Description: This blend of premium Organic Fair Trade African beans results in a robust, extra dark roast with a smooth finish.

Ingredients: 12 oz of premium coffee beans.


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