Jodie's Corn Lime Cookie - 1/2 dozen

Los bagels Lime Corn Cookie - 6 each
SKU: Jodie's Corn Lime Cookie - 1/2 dozen
Price: $9.00

History: A deviation from the “cookie-norm”, these scrumptious and unusual cookies were created by our long-time baker Jodie Harriel. A one-time special that quickly became a regular item as customers and employees alike gobbled them up by the dozens! Hard work goes into these great-tasting treats: Janelle the “Zest Queen” painstakingly zests and juices pounds of fresh limes every week. Elsbeth recommends eating them glaze side down so your tastebuds get the full "lime-a-licious-ness.".

Uses: Such a sophisticated blend of tastes. Why not eat them as they are? Or maybe topped with sliced strawberries and served with a cup of tea.

Description: A derivative of the sugar cookie, we add a bit of cornmeal for a slightly crunchy texture. They are topped with a tangy lime glaze, reminiscent of a margarita without the alcohol.

Ingredients: Flour, butter, sugar, eggs, cornmeal, fresh lime zest & juice, vanilla, baking soda, salt.


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