Los Bagels Breakfast Box

SKU: Los Bagels Breakfast Box
Price: $40.00

Can you smell the bagels baking as you walk down I Street?  A visit to Arcata would not be complete without stopping in at Los Bagels.  Now you can recreate the experience of our funky little town in your own kitchen.

This great collection of the classic Los Bagels experience is ready to go. Featuring a half dozen of our traditional boiled and baked bagels, 12 oz of La Granola, a bottle of our Slug Slime, a jar of gourmet Larrupin Sauce, a 12 oz. bag of  organic "Heart of Darkness" coffee beans and our retro mug to enjoy your brew in.

Imagine you are sitting on the patio, or cozy and dry in the solarium. Does it get any better than this?

If you would like a certain number of bagels of a certain type, please specify. Otherwise, we will ship an even number of the selected bagels.


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