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Holiday Gift box from Los Bagels
The Best Fruitcake in the World
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The Holidays are a fun time at Los Bagels. Celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice and any other reason for good cheer. We created the "Los Holidays Gift Box" to help you share the incredible tastes of the Season...or maybe to treat yourself.

This Box includes one each of our decadent dessert breads.  Which will be your favorite?  Cardamon Spice, Rum Pumpkin, Lime Walnut or the Huckleberry loaf...made with Huckleberries from Petrolia, out on the Lost Coast.  Also in the box will be a 1/2 pound chunk of our legendary Fruitcake, packed with great tropical dried fruits and whole crunchy nuts, then soaked in brandy.  Our non-traditional fruit cake redefines the genre of "Fruitcake"...This stuff is off the hook!

The last two elements of this gift box are our new  "Hasta la proxima" magnet and a copy of "Los Bagels Recipes and Lore" our great cookbook, that has most of our recipes...including the Holiday Breads and the Fruitcake.

This is a perfect way to share the Spirit of the Holidays with friends, loved ones and anyone else on your list.



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