Smith River Gift Box

SKU: Smith River Gift Box
Price: $40.00

The Smith River is the only major undammed river in California.  Epic runs of salmon still occur on the Smith, although, usually at night, during a high tide, in a down pour, on the full moon.  Crisp and clear, the Smith flows to the Pacific untethered by man.

The Smith River Gift Box is as impressive as the cliffs which edge this fast flowing river. 1 dozen of our boiled then baked Bagels, 1 loaf of our Challah, 1 jar Larrupin, 1 bottle Slug Slime, and 12 oz. of our delicious  Granola.

At this point, all Los Bagels Gift Boxes are only available online.

If you would like a certain number of bagels of a certain type, please specify. Otherwise, we will ship an even number of the selected bagels.

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