Kwasant - 1/2 dozen

Los Bagels Kwasants - 6 each
SKU: Kwasant - 1/2 dozen
Price: $15.00

Handmade by our head baker Elena, this croissant is a buttery, rich treat!

History: Also called “crescents” or “media luna”, created to depict a crescent shaped moon. Rumored to once be of French origin yet somehow found its’ way to a Mexican Jewish bakery in Northern California.

Uses: Simply smear the butter on and top with berry jam, take ‘em home and stuff your favorite lunchmeat and mustard, compliment your hot beverage as a dunking tool. Have you ever tried Kwasant french toast?

Description: Flaky buttery crust, crunchy on the outside, yet melts in your mouth. Great with local berry jam, or Nutella.

Ingredients: Flour, Butter, Sugar, Milk, Water, Salt and Yeast...and Love!


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