Pumpkin Empanada - 1/2 dozen

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SKU: Pumpkin Empanada - 1/2 dozen
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History: Empanar is Spanish for “to bake in pastry.” In Latin America, empanadas have pastry crusts, a variety of fillings and are either baked or fried. These traditional pastries come in one shape (semi-circle) and many sizes – from the empanada gallega, big enough to feed a family, to empanaditas, tiny ravioli-size pastries. Our popular version of the empanada is a single-serving size turnover.

Uses: Eat as is, hot or cold for a light lunch; heat one up a and serve a la mode.

Description: We make these semi-circles of flakey pastry dough by hand and fill them with a traditional Mexican pumpkin filling.

Ingredients: DOUGH: Flour, water, shortening, egg, sugar, white vinegar, salt. PUMPKIN FILLING: pumpkin, brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, vanilla, cardamon.

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