Sticky Bun - 1/2 dozen

Sticky Bun - 6 each
SKU: Sticky Bun - 1/2 dozen
Price: $18.00

History: Rumored to be the stickiest bun this side of Compton, our staff has a hard time getting them off the bake pan and into the pastry case! Created by our dynamic baking duo, Jodie Harriel and Martin Mondragon. Jodie is said to be a distant cousin of Martha Stewart.

Uses: Ultimate in sweet-tooth satisfaction, sticks not only to your ribs, but to the roof of your mouth. A killer breakfast!

Description: A caramelized schmear, loaded with nuts atop a perfect amount of dough just to hold it all together. Moist, chewy and ooh so tasty!

Ingredients: Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Butter, Milk, Yeast, Salt, Brown sugar, Honey, Cinnamon & Walnuts


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