Books and Beeswax

Mixed-media artist Gigi Floyd will be showing new artwork June and July at Los Bagels, 403 2nd St., Eureka. An opening reception will be held during Arts Alive, June 7th from 6 to 9 p.m. and again on July 5th.

This show will feature fifteen of Floyd's signature beeswax collages, which she creates by fusing multiple layers of hot beeswax and hand-cut imagery to canvas. Floyd describes half of this new work as “an eclectic mix of whimsy”, and the other half as a “book-themed mini series”.

“I've been transported by fiction from the moment I first held a book in my hands”, says Floyd. “I chose many of the 'main characters' in this series because they seem to share my love of escaping into story.” She also likes to include scans from both the interiors and exteriors of old books in her compositions, sometimes as central elements, and other times as embellishments to the story she is telling.

Floyd says that she has been entranced by antique books since the age of ten, when she impulsively spent all of her allowance on an 1850's edition of Poe's poems. “When I succumbed to the lure of 'Poe's Poems', it was partly because of the poetry itself, and partly because of the ornate cover and fancy gold stuff on the spine.” Nowadays, Floyd still loves ornate and sparkly stuff, but also rescues books that might otherwise be consigned to the trash. She gently and reverently scans these delicate treasures to use in her creations. “I love how the books themselves reflect the passage of time. For me, it's all about stained and faded book cloth, frayed bindings, and yellowing pages. I guess in some cases, I really do judge a book by it's cover----and the more dilapidated the better!”

In addition to her show at Los Bagels, Floyd will be opening her home studio to the public for both weekends of North Coast Open Studios. For more information about this free community art event, visit To contact the artist, visit


All of these pieces are beeswax collages.

"Quoth The Raven"---

"Like Ice She Was"--

"Tales Of Innocence and Experience"--

"Reading With Ruth"---